Thursday, August 30, 2012

100 Things About Me as a Reader (or Writer)

(Idea taken from Franki Sibberson :))

  1. I love to read series books -- I get really attached to characters, and I love to see how their stories continue.
  2. When I was younger, I bought every single Babysitters Club book as soon as it came out.
  3. I read to my daughter every night that I can.
  4. I have to set reading goals for myself, or I don't finish books.
  5. The best book I read last year was Wonder.
  6. I am terrible at summarizing.
  7. I love to read magazines -- I subscribe to about eight of them (Time, Working Mother, Parents, Parenting -- yes, those are two different ones, Reader's Digest, Experience Life, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic Kids ... and gosh, I'm sure there are more)
  8. When I was little, I read the newspaper every morning while I ate my cereal.
  9. If the newspaper delivery was late, I read the cereal box instead.
  10. I always used to read shampoo bottles in the shower and would try to read the words that are in French.
  11. I think I am not a great creative writer, but I'm working on it.
  12. I read to my daughter when I was pregnant with her.
  13. I love love love the public library.  I always used to check out 10-20 books at a time -- including picture books -- when I was growing up.
  14. I did not like most of the books that my teachers assigned me to read in high school.  I had to take a lot of notes to remember when I read, because I had a hard time paying attention to the books.
  15. I write articles for a literacy site for teachers.
  1. My daughter's current favorite book is If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.  We read it four times last night, and I admit that I skipped a few pages the last time I read it.
  2. Her other favorite book is Goodnight Gorilla; it makes my day when we get to the page where there are surprises... she raises her arms and says, "WHAT?!" 
  3. When I write emails, they're way too long.  I'm working on getting to the point.
  4. I enjoy writing and sending cards to people.
  5. I have a stack of 25-30 books I want to read.  Half are young adult, and the rest are either books about teaching or adult books. I have a hard time picking the order of books to read.
  6. My mornings are rushed now, so I don't have time to read when I eat my breakfast; that makes me a little sad.
  7. I can't stand books about animals. Too sad. 
  8. I did read The One and Only Ivan, though, because my colleagues Mrs. Caplin and several students told me I had to read it.  I'm glad I did.
  9. We had to memorize poetry in school, and it was really hard for me.
  10. I got a Kindle for my birthday in July, but I've not yet read a book on it.  I'm so traditional about my reading materials!
  11. I just sent in my daughter's first Scholastic book order yesterday, and it warmed my heart.
  12. I love to read blogs.

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  1. I used to read the cereal boxes too (after I read the paper--I was the paper boy so I always had one!) My wife still has a box of those Baby Sitter's Club books. I think she hopes our daughter will read them. I got you beat on the public library. When I was a kid, my mom and I would come home with like 30 or 40 of them. I loved being read to as a kid. Even more I loved the stories my mom would make up. I do that with my kids now. Some of her characters come into my stories. Great list! Enjoyed reading!

    -Mr. Bailey, Sells 6th grade ESL