Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feedback: Summer reading discussions

While you're working on your baseline diagnostic tests, I'm going through the reflections you completed about yesterday's group work.  Here's what I found:

  • Almost every person commented that their group did well on the ABC activity (90% of you listed that as an accomplishment).  What was it about that activity that made you do so well with it?
  • Six people wrote that their groups did not need to improve on anything. Consider that all groups (and all people, really!) have room for growth.
  • About 25% of you wrote that your group needed to work on not goofing off/laughing/joking around so much.  Having fun is okay sometimes, but I think you all are noting that maybe you were playing around when it was time to focus.  During what part of the group work did you find yourself most distracted?  During the summer reading questions discussion?  I wonder at what times you're most likely to be off task.

Thanks so much for your helpful feedback! I'd love to read comments about the questions I've raised here :)

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