Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I Didn't Do/What I Did Do Over Winter Break

Over break, I did not go to a tropical paradise.  I didn't dig my toes into warm sand, keeping my eyes peeled for itty bitty sand crabs running over my feet and taking in the salty, fresh air.  I didn't hear the waves crashing on the beach, my daughter laughing with delight, or seagulls shrieking in the distance.  I did not get a sunburn!

What I did do:

Visited the Louisville Slugger Museum - awesome tour!
Spent three hours at Starbucks with my childhood best friend (who has two kids of her own),
while my parents watched Z.  This is a VERY rare occasion -- just ask your own parents!
Get a whole lot bigger!
What else did I do? Got medium sick at the beginning of break and way sick at the end of break (Mr. Taylor and Z did, too - it was ugly). Read three adult books and one young adult book. Looked at pretty awesome Christmas lights synched with music. Joined Instagram. Discovered that Z can recite -- while looking at the book -- the entire text of Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. Went to a dinner and a movie with my husband. Ate really tasty teriyaki tofu on New Years Eve... and then fell asleep at 9:45 p.m.  Traveled to Louisville, Dayton, and Cincinnati.  Heard the baby's heartbeat again -- Z heard it too (sounds like a "choo choo train!"). Wrote for another blog a post about running. Saw some videos from our class video shoot.  Brainstormed a list of new articles I need to work on. Booked a flight to New York City to be in a wedding in the fall. Enjoyed, treasured, and was so grateful for extra time with my little family -- eight weeks until the newest member arrives!

Tell me, in pictures or in words (or both): what didn't you do over break?  What did you do?

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